Storytelling isn’t complicated. We’ll prove it to you.

Do you have an amazing idea for a novel but you struggle to get words on the page? Maybe the problem isn’t writer’s block. Maybe you need a writing process.

Publishing veterans and bestselling authors Zach Bohannon and J. Thorn share their proven system for developing a plan that will bridge the gap between a collection of random notes and a cohesive first draft.

This comprehensive book will teach you the foundations of fiction: Plot, Structure, Genre, Theme, Character, and World.


  • Why you need a system to finish a first draft whether you plot or pants
  • What Aristotle said about storytelling thousands of years ago that still applies today
  • How studying Star Wars can make you a better writer
  • What some of the most prolific authors believe about the craft
  • How all stories can be reduced to three components
  • Which archetypes create a more engaging reader experience
  • How the Hero’s Journey is alike and different than the Virgin’s Promise
  • Why you should cast your characters like a movie producer

Developed over 10 years and applied on millions of words of fiction, Thorn and Bohannon will show you how to layer your approach and build a fantastic story from the ground up.

No more staring at a blinking cursor when you sit down to write!

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