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Top 3 Must-Listen Episodes

The Writing Coach //1 36 Phillip L. Wray on Writing Historical Mysteries

Host Kevin T Johns interviews his client, Phillip Wray, about his newly published debut novel. They discuss the unusual inspiration for the book which he originally planned to be a Paris based Three Musketeer’s tour. Then the pandemic hit and he was left with tons of research, so he decided to write a book instead.

They talk about things he learned as a first-time novelist and the process of working with a writing coach. Phillip has a background in law, so he was already accustomed to writing, but needed to learn how to add more sensory detail when writing fiction.

Phillip studied French in high school and college and loves French history and culture. His book, The Pontcourt Murders, is a mix of a traditional Agatha Christie type mystery and swashbuckling adventure.

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The Dialogue Doctor // 109 Carmen Dillion and World Building with Dialogue

Host Jeff Elkins talks to his client, Carmen Dillion, about her book’s first chapter. She is writing a Christian fantasy novel. We get to listen in on the coaching session, learning things we can apply to our own writing. Jeff specializes in dialogue, but asks questions of Carmen to help her narrow down her character and character arc. Carmen is a pantser, but it’s helpful to know where she wants the character to end up at the end of the story. He also talks about theme and the beats required to wrap up a theme for the satisfaction of the audience.

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The Prolific Author // #124: How to Write a Book Like a Master Storyteller

Host Liesel K. Hill talks about how the character’s internal arc should form the basis of your story. The external events of the plot should force the character to confront their issues and grow from them. It’s more difficult to create a plot where everything dovetails together, but Liesel thinks it’s worth the extra time and effort to write a masterful story that stands out from the crowd.

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The Latest from The Author Life Podcast


This week author Crys Cain is joined by special guest VE Griffith. They discuss what line editors do and how authors can utilize them effectively.

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Gastropod // # 185 What Do Aliens Eat? Food in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Co-hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley discuss the history of how food is depicted in Science Fiction. In many of the early classics, food consists of a pill or something that could be eaten quickly without taking any preparation time. This might be because convenience foods were a new and trendy item or because many of the early Sci-Fi writers were men, and food prep has historically been seen as a woman’s job.

They discuss food in The Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, ET, Soylent Green, and many others. What people eat says a lot about their environment and what is considered acceptable to eat, or not.

They interview several Science Fiction novelists and a food stylist who has created Klingon dishes for the Star Trek franchise.

It’s an interesting look at food and its role in our stories.

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