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This week has been great for mindset. I’ve spent hours in my manuscript, have a clear plan of action (Who doesn’t love a good checklist?), and have engaged with many writers in my community. The Slack channel for The Author Success Mastermind group is my happy place. And this weekend holds three separate opportunities for reconnecting with local friends. Sometimes my days are off, but my weeks tend to balance out with a lovely combination of work/life/relationships/alone-time-to-think. I hope your week is awesome.

Top 3 Must-Listen Episodes

Writer Craft Podcast // Maintaining Positivity in Your Author Life Ep 54

“Creativity is not a talent; it’s a way of operating.” John Cleese “We need to nourish ourselves with the practice of creativity.” Joanna Penn We have loads of suggestions for maintaining positivity. We also talk about writing short and when that fits into a writing life. Here’s a big ol’ bullet point list of them:

• Find ways to make the writing fun: journaling, writing a piece that no one will see.

• Chase the curiosity.

• Find the joy in what you are doing.

• Cooking. (Self care for Erick; NOT Valerie.) (There is an end to it. Started something and finished it. Quicker gratification than writing.)

• Knowing what type of work is your favorite (starting stories, finishing them, editing) and talking to other writers about how to make the other parts more palatable/joyful.

• Be in a positive frame of mind before reaching the page.

• Keeping track of new ideas so you can stick to the project at hand.

• Self-care: grounded, relaxed, get positive before you hit the page. (Planning is self-care for Valerie. Also, hot tub soaks and daily walks.)

• What does your authentic self need to thrive, not just survive?

• Validate yourself as a person first, then a writer. Self-examination.

• Find a community that is small enough that can get individual attention, support, and trusted advice.

• Follow authors you admire and emulate them. Take a master class from them.

• Be around people that validate you and support your dreams. Be open to receiving help from others. You deserve it.

• Read great books.

Resource: The Successful Author Mindset by Joanna Penn

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Creator Dad Podcast // Serials and Side Hustles with Christine Daigle

Zach doesn’t just interview creative dads; He chats with the moms, too. While I don’t write (or read) serial fiction, I have a secret “squirrel!” part of me that’s already created an outline for a serial. (Shhh.) Plus, I’ve met Christine in real life, at our Three Story Method editing certification, so I was keen to listen to this episode.

I really liked how Christine talked about her neurodivergence and editing passes. I edit the same way. She talked about how trad publishing differs from indie, collaboration, querying, and podcasting. (She has two.) About how to manage the self-doubt that most writers face, the changing market for dystopian genres, and having fun writing. She’s enjoyed doing Vella with Amazon because she’s learned how to create a mailing list and set up paid ads, and realized, despite her initial reticence, that she can market her books.

Zach talks about her being in a good place because she has several novels in the hop in case a traditional publishing house picks her up, or that she can indie publish them if she gets tired of waiting.

Christine is a licensed neuropsychologist and can bring a lot of her day job into the novels and serials she writes. Every day, she turns off the internet and writes from 9:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Zach talked about how sometimes having time constraints creates more efficient writing bursts, and getting over the guilt of not working the “8-hour workday.”

Christine reminds him that, “…Cognitive Fatigue is a real thing. Especially when you are in deep creative work. You can’t sustain that. I think that’s part of the reason why Pomodoros work. Your brain needs a break.”

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Discovered Wordsmiths // JP-NRDS

I like listening to author podcasts and interviews that teach me something, but sometimes I just want to know a writer better—either because I love their work, I want to emulate their schedule and author business, or because I think I’ll actually really like them as a colleague. And in a totally non-stalker way, “I’d could totally be friends with this person!” And that’s how I feel about JP Rindfleisch.

Learn about JP’s educational background (bio-chemistry), his secular job, his podcasts (for readers and writers), his author projects, and a unique writing process (hint: tarot cards).

Without the cards, his stories would be the same as anyone else’s. Instead, he uses the 5 Cent Tarot deck by Madam Clara to bring a moment of chaos into the story.

He writes urban dark fantasy and queer fiction novels and serials.

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The Latest from The Author Success Mastermind Podcast

OUR LATEST EPISODE // 49: What if no one reads my book?

This week authors J. Thorn and Crys Cain talk all about the lies that authors tell themselves around publishing fears. They discuss different ways to handle tough questions like, what if no one reads my book?

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The Wildcard: Interesting Episode from a Non-Writing Related Show

Intermittent Fasting Stories // Mike, Ann, & Claire Espeset/Ep 186

This might be too personal to share, but I’ve been intermittent fasting (IF) since last September. I really dig the health benefits. For me, those have been better sleep, lower thyroid medication, body shape change, and a bit more energy—not to mention the loss of both weight and inches.

I listen to Gin Stephen’s podcast for inspiration and little nuggets of ideas I can use on my IF journey. (FYI, it’s much easier to do than I thought it would be. Additional resources: Fast, Feast, Repeat by Gin Stephens and The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung)

In this episode, Gin’s guests are a whole family. (First time that’s happened.) They all started IF different times.

Mike jumped right in with a 20:4 protocol. (20 hours of fasting and a 4-hour eating window.) Ann eased in with 14:10, eventually settling on 18:6.
Claire thought her parents were crazy to fast every day. But months later, she decided to give IF a try and hasn’t stopped.

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