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Hi. It’s Cathy Peper here this week. In addition to being a certified Three Story Method Editor, I write time travel romance, paranormal romance, regency romance and paranormal suspense.

Top 3 Must-Listen Episodes

Author Like a Boss with Ella Barnard-When Inspiration Meets Smart Marketing with Ines Johnson

Host Ella Barnard talks with successful indie author Ines Johnson about her publishing journey. Ines writes “kissing books,” otherwise known as romance. Since she reads all types of romance, she started out writing in several different romance subgenres. However, she found success when she narrowed down her niche to sweet, cowboy, wounded warrior romance under her pen name, Shanae Johnson. To satisfy her muse, she still writes the stories that really speak to her under her Ines Johnson name. She talks about writing a quick first draft, learning how to do Facebook Ads, and building a backlist.

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How Writer’s Write-Episode//Episode 108 How J. A. Jance Writes

Host Brian Murphy interviews J. A. Jance about her writing process. She has written over 60 novels including the J.P. Beaumont series. She discovered her love of stories when her father would read aloud to the family. She thinks stories come down to good versus evil and writes about characters who are willing to stand up for good. She talks about the importance of three dimensional characters, and the magic things that end up in your writing that you didn’t consciously plan. They also discuss why people are fascinated by crime stories.

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The Sell More Books Show // Episode 419-Tax Changes, Writing Buddies and Backlist’s Back

Hosts Bryan Cohen and Claire Taylor discuss the week’s top five writing news stories. This week included discussion about Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter project and the opportunities it offers for authors, changes to Amazon’s tax policies which now include narrator payments in the author’s payment, a coffee shop in Tokyo where they won’t let you leave until you meet your word count and knowing when to step away from your author group. The top story of the week was about Sacha Black’s blog post on multiple streams of income.

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The Latest from The Author Life Podcast


This week authors J. Thorn and Crys Cain discuss how they deal with the guilt of not doing, both in their work and in their personal lives.

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I’ve Got a Secret with Robin McGraw-The Secret to Exuding Charisma with Vanessa Van Edwards

Host Robin McGraw talks to body language expert Vanessa Van Edwards about her new book, Cues: Master the Secret Language of Charismatic Communication. They talk about how to sound more confident, how to spot a liar, and how showing your palm is a universal sign of friendliness. Robin ends the show with a list of “secret” favorite places Vanessa has visited all over the world such as favorite coffee shops, beachs and bars.

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