Sharing Royalties With Readers – Everyone Wins

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Imagine a new publishing paradigm where your readers make money when you make money. Picture a future where your readers are financially motivated to promote your book, and not just for a boring coffee mug or a lame sticker. I’m talking about real money.

For a moment, forget the buzz around crypto or NFTs and picture this:

Your readers own “shares” in your book. Just like stocks, they receive a percentage of the royalties earned. Maybe you hold on to 30% or 50% or 70% of your book’s net royalties. But whatever’s left can be “sold” like shares to readers. Then, when your book makes money, so do they.


I’m leading a cohort of brave and pioneering members from The Author Success Mastermind, my private author community. We’re going to use my upcoming Three Story Method book (THREE STORY METHOD: WRITING SCENES, publishing fall of 2021) to experiment with a reader royalty share model leveraging the power of the blockchain.

I will be documenting this experiment in the upcoming months which will eventually lead to a book, an online course, and possibly even a mastermind cohort. If you want to get updates on this experiment as they happen, subscribe to my list using the form at the top of the right side bar (and get a free guide on how to self publish).

Here’s the tagline of the future for selling direct:

“Don’t buy my book… invest in it.”