By now, I hope you are considering getting your feet wet in a mastermind group.

For authors, I believe there are several different flavors of a mastermind group that can be helpful depending on where you are on your author journey. There are mastermind groups that will focus on aspects of the business. There are mastermind groups that you can join, which will include other artists, where the focus might be on craft and beating Resistance. And then there are the mastermind groups, like the one I run, that are dedicated strictly to writers.

But even in specific types of mastermind groups, you might have interesting variations. Some mastermind groups can be organized around the genre, so that you are in a clan with other authors who are publishing paranormal romance, for example.

The other genre-specific option is to be in a mastermind group with a variety of authors writing in all different genres. I tend to believe this one is more valuable for authors because there’s a cross-pollination of ideas between authors of different genres. If everyone in the mastermind is writing the same type of story, the conversation and solutions tend to get siloed because these writers are most likely hearing, reading, and listening to advice from the same sources. When you have authors writing very different kinds of stories, you get a diversity of opinions and solutions.

When you are considering joining a mastermind, it is important to identify what it is you need at that specific moment in time and which type of mastermind would best serve you. Things will change, and what you need now, you may not need in a year from now. However, try not to think too long-term about the best mastermind fit. It’s more important to get into one, even if you’re not sure it’s the right one for you. Forward momentum is far more important than laboring over the decision of which mastermind you think would be best.

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