The Horror Writers Podcast #77 – Crossroads

Welcome to The Horror Writers Podcast, the show with two horror authors discussing all things in the world of horror.

Today is an episode of the several announcements, including things Zach and J. have been working on behind the scenes and the future of the show.

NOTE: At the beginning of the episode, Zach mentions an epic rant he went on about AHS on last week’s show… well, the recording of that show messed up and we lost half the episode, so we were unable to air it.

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1 thought on “The Horror Writers Podcast #77 – Crossroads”

  1. Hey guys, as disappointed as I am that the show will be going on hiatus, I’m excited to see where you guys go with Molten Universe. Congratulations to you both and I look forward to whatever comes next!

    p.s. have either of you been keeping up with American Horror Story? If not check it out, shit just got crazy!

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