The Horror Writers Podcast #27 – A Head Full of Ghosts w/ Paul Tremblay

Welcome to The Horror Writers Podcast, the show with two horror authors discussing all things in the world of horror. Today is the first (okay, second if you count Pet Semetary) Book Club episode. We talked about best-selling novel, A Head Full of Ghosts, and were fortunate enough to have the author, Paul Tremblay, on the show with us to talk about the book. He’s been really busy, as A Head Full of Ghosts has been the biggest horror novel of the year, so it’s awesome he took the time out to come talk to us. We saved spoilers for the end, so you can listen to most of the show if you haven’t read the book.

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2 thoughts on “The Horror Writers Podcast #27 – A Head Full of Ghosts w/ Paul Tremblay”

  1. So many layers, yes, and more than a possession story. I did not see that heartbreaking ending coming. The “known facts” were awful enough… then BAM. The revelation ironically adds layers of mystery. Thanks for a great novel, Mr. Tremblay.

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