The Horror Writers Podcast #23 – Top 3 Stephen King Books

Welcome to The Horror Writers Podcast, the show with two horror authors discussing all things in the world of horror. Today, Zach and J. list and talk about their three favorite Stephen King Books. They also discuss what it is they love about Stephen King. Because who doesn’t love Stephen King who likes horror?

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And here’s our top 3 books with links to them on Amazon:


Zach’s Top 3 Stephen King Books

3.) The Long Walk (

2.) The Shining/Doctor Sleep (

1.) 11/22/63 (


J.’s Top 3 Stephen King Books

3.) The Stand (

2.) Desperation (

1.) Pet Sematary (

5 thoughts on “The Horror Writers Podcast #23 – Top 3 Stephen King Books”

  1. Nice episode, guys. I like Stephen King – I respect him massively. His endings often leave me flat and sometimes I think his books go on a bit too long. But his character work is amazing. His output and concepts are also great. I’ve not read a huge amount of King, but here’s my list.

    1 – On Writing.
    2 – The Gunslinger – Although the Dark Tower series lost me as it went on.
    3 – The Stand (this one ended really well I think).

    Of all the ones you’ve mentioned, The Long Walk is the one that I’m the most interested in.

    Thanks for the episode.

    1. I agree with you. I really think his endings have a lot to do with him being a “pantser”. That’s why I liked 11/22/63 so well, is because the ending is great, even though it’s pretty slow through the middle.

      All good choices. On Writing is understood. And as we mentioned, J. and I couldn’t pick one Dark Tower book because we both look at those books as our favorite books. We have an entire episode on The Dark Tower coming up.

      Thanks for listening, Michael 🙂

  2. Some great books in this, but none of my own top three. Guess that’s why King is king!

    For me it’s as follows:
    1. Gerald’s Game
    2. Misery
    3. Needful Things

    Not the most orthodox choices, maybe, but they’re the three books of his that properly shot me up. Gerald’s game…. that bit…. urrrggghhh

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