Why do women make such better murderers than men?

Lizzie Borden; not creative.

Men commit murder ten times more often than women do, but ladies are better at it. When it comes time to tango down, females are more creative.

Rainer Leurs of Spiegel Online recently interviewed Sigrun Rossmanith about her new book, which if it wasn’t in German, would be totally awesome (unless you can read German in which case it is awesome). Titled, Are Women the Better Murderers?, the book posed as a question takes a look at the ways in which the fairer sex do the 187, and I think Rossmanith knows the answer. It turns out that women are more vengeful and creative. One woman in Asia “passionately kisses her partner– and in doing so slips a cyanide capsule into his mouth, which he is forced to swallow. She combines an act of love with the murder.” In addition, women rarely kill strangers. Most murders committed by women are intimate and are usually a result of failed relationships. Ladies prefer knives over guns, and skillful, vindictive, cunning over rage.

Rossamanith says, “In my life, I have often witnessed how incredibly hard women can be. How scheming they can be with each other. I am personally more afraid of the vengeance of women than that of men.” Women scheming? Passively aggressive? Really? [insert sarcastic smile here]

It’s a great premise but without a clear-cut definition of ‘creativity’ it’s hard to conclude that women are more creative killers than men. And, is being a creative murderer really that important? Doesn’t anyone value efficiency anymore? Maybe women simply don’t have enough practice at killing and that’s why they spend so much time planning and plotting it. If you want equal rights, ladies, step up to the plate and do your fair share of impulsive, rage-filled, whacking.

*Just in case you didn’t figure it out, I’m not advocating murder. I’m simply taking a very dark subject and making fun of it in a socially awkward way which is why I’m such a hit at cocktail parties.

About Sigrun Rossmanith from Spiegel Online:
“Sigrun Rossmanith, 61, is a doctor of psychiatry, psychotherapeutic medicine and neurology. She has been writing medical reports for criminal trials in Austria since 1997 and has investigated more than 3,000 cases. Her book ‘Are Women the Better Murderers?’ has just been published in German.”

The full interview can be found here.

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