Threefold Law & Chris E

Threefold Law & Chris E

I tried starting this post with a witty commentary on being open-minded.  I was going to rap poetically about the merits of give and take in the creative process.  And then I gave up and decided to simply tell you how I feel.

I’m stoked.  My band, Threefold Law, has recently announced our latest project which happens to be a collaboration with Chris E, singer for Cleveland heavy metal giant, Cellbound.  Since late November, we have gotten together with Chris to write and record three original songs for an EP that should be done by early March.  I know.  That seems like a long time to craft three songs.  It was.  However, we didn’t want to slap something together for the sake of it.  We didn’t want to call her in to sing lyrics we wrote over music we composed and arranged.  We gave over some of the creative control of Threefold Law to Chris and invited her to be a partner with us.  Threefold Law has been at this for over five years, which are like dog years when it comes to bands.  We like our mash potatoes a certain way.  We altered our typical songwriting process for this record and the result is killer.

We riffed.  We jammed.  Chris threw vocal riffs out there, toyed with lyrics, and was an equal member in song arrangement.  We discussed creative decisions, things that on the surface didn’t have much to do with music.  In the end, we created something unique.  It’s not Threefold Law.  It’s not Chris E.  It’s not Cellbound.  It’s Threefold Law & Chris E and we dig it.  We know you will too.

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