The Three Story Method Influencer Series: Aristotle

In the first of this special 5-part series, Zach and J. examine Poetics by Aristotle and how those ideas have influenced modern storytelling. In addition, Zach asks J. how he incorporated Aristotle’s ideas in Three Story Method and the ways they apply to novelists.

From Wikipedia:

Aristotle’s Poetics (Greek: Περὶ ποιητικῆς; Latin: De Poetica;[1] c. 335 BC[2]) is the earliest surviving work of dramatic theory and first extant philosophical treatise to focus on literary theory.[3] In it, Aristotle offers an account of what he calls “poetry” (a term that derives from a classical Greek term, ποιητής, that means “poet; author; maker” and in this context includes verse drama – comedy, tragedy, and the satyr play – as well as lyric poetry and epic poetry). They are similar in the fact that they are all imitations but different in the three ways that Aristotle describes:

  • Differences in music rhythm, harmony, meter and melody.
  • Difference of goodness in the characters.
  • Difference in how the narrative is presented: telling a story or acting it out.

In examining its “first principles”, Aristotle finds two: 1) imitation and 2) genres and other concepts by which that of truth is applied/revealed in the poesis. His analysis of tragedy constitutes the core of the discussion.[4] Although Aristotle’s Poetics is universally acknowledged in the Western critical tradition, “almost every detail about his seminal work has aroused divergent opinions”.[5] The work was lost to the Western world for a long time. It was available in the Middle Ages and early Renaissance only through a Latin translation of an Arabic version written by Averroes.[6]

The Career Author Podcast is a podcast where co-authors J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon share their struggles and successes as full-time authors, advice for improving your writing craft, and honest discussions of what it takes to build a successful career as an author.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How J. rediscovered Aristotle
  • What elements of Poetics applies to writers
  • The significance of “three”
  • Why Aristotle was a plotter
  • The six core elements of Three Story Method

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