The Career Author Podcast: Episode 51 – From Book to Film With Bird Box Author Josh Malerman

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On this special episode of The Career Author Podcast, J. and Zach sit down with Bird Box author Josh Malerman. Josh talks about the process of getting his book adapted into a Netflix original movie starring Sandra Bullock and more:

  • Zach’s old method for finding the best Amazon keywords + the tool he uses now
  • How Bird Box author Josh Malerman wrote on the road as a touring musician
  • Some of the differences between writing novels and working on screenplays

Josh Malerman is an American author of novels and short stories. Before publishing his debut novel Bird Box with ECCO/HarperCollins, he wrote fourteen novels, never having shopped one of them.

The Career Author Podcast is a podcast where co-authors J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon share their struggles and successes as full-time authors, advice for improving your writing craft, and honest discussions of what it takes to build a successful career as an author.

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