Zach and J. go deep on craft today and talk about The Editor’s Six Core Questions. You’ll discover the basics of how to edit a novel and more:

  • How recent changes to J.’s morning routine have helped him tap into the deepest parts of his creativity and increased his motivation
  • How to train your brain to meditate
  • An easy way to decide the best Point of View (first person, third person, and so on) for  your book
  • The concepts of narrative altitude and narrative drive + how these things are impacted by different POVs
  • How to edit a novel with the Editor’s Six Core Questions
  • The difference between commercial genre and story genre + internal vs external genre
  • Obligatory scenes and why the “all is lost” moment can make or break your entire story
  • How Maslow’s Hierarchy applies to storytelling
  • How the guys use these questions in their own collaborative process
  • The overarching theme that runs through many of the stories J. and Zach write together

The Career Author Podcast is a podcast where co-authors J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon share their struggles and successes as full-time authors, advice for improving your writing craft, and honest discussions of what it takes to build a successful career as an author.

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