Seriously, Twitter. You’re killing me here.

It has been a few weeks since I posted this on another page and Twitter has yet to reply to any of my emails or emails sent by my webmaster. Let this be a lesson to any small business folks out there who depend on social media to advertise or interact. In a moment’s notice and without reason, your account can be flagged, disabled or removed completely.

I’m going to keep trying to get Twitter support to respond but if they do not, I will most likely leave the platform because all of my previous tweets that include “” are now blocked by Twitter.

Here’s my post from a few weeks ago, a final attempt at getting back on the Twitter nice list.


If you’ve clicked a link to my website from a tweet, you may have seen this:


Last week, my official website ( began showing up as “malware infected” or as a “phishing scam” site in certain watchdog software programs and services. Luckily, a good friend of mine noticed this and emailed me about it.

It turns out, one of the WordPress plugins I use had a vulnerability that became massively exploited by hackers. My site wasn’t affected. Here’s where you can read the geeky details:

But unfortunately, more damage was already done. My site was blacklisted by Google Safe Browsing and by Twitter. Google removed me from that list almost immediately. Twitter has yet to respond. ANY link to ANY page on my website in ANY tweet ever sent now warns visitors that I’m “potentially harmful.”

My site is up. Its fine. You will not be harmed by visiting it. However, I can’t run any more giveaways until Twitter removes my site from their “naughty” list. If you’d like to help, you can go here,¬†choose “I can’t tweet a link because Twitter thinks it’s spam” and follow the prompts.

Thanks for letting Twitter know I’m not potentially harmful. Well, at least my website isn’t.


J. Thorn

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