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My favorite show

The plot is confusing and jumps from one scene to the next. What are you doing?
This novel was published long before “The Walking Dead” came to television. Coincidentally, I’m a huge fan of the show. I love the fact that the writers drop you into the story (in media res) without any explanation or backstory. You get an occasional flashback or a hint at the past, but you have to accept the fact that you’re in a world forever-changed by an “unlikely” event. You feel what the characters feel; confusion, fear, uncertainty.

Why did you write it?
I lost both of my maternal grandparents in the span of four weeks. They attended the same church for 80 years. My grandparents gave their entire life to this parish and there could not have been more than three people outside of my family that attended the funerals. The diocese closed the church a few months later as the old steel town just couldn’t cough up enough Catholics to keep it going. That dying church made me wonder what a post-apocalyptic story might be like if The End didn’t come from a virus, zombies, or the ancient Mayans.

You must really hate Catholics.
Not a question, but I don’t. I was raised Catholic, served as an altar boy, and my parents are still devout. Other members of my family still practice. I do not. The Seventh Seal is FICTION and I have tagged it as urban FANTASY. You should know that going in and I have added a warning to the product page about the way I’ve portrayed organized religion in this book. A Cult of Personality that spreads fear through religion or nationalism to take control of the military and use that force to exterminate millions is NOT fantasy. I honestly don’t think the Catholics are up to anything devious, but thirty years ago I would not have believed widespread accusations of child molestation by Catholic priests either.

I have heard a groundswell of support for a sequel to The Seventh Seal. Therefore, I plan on starting the follow up to that book in June and should have it on your Kindle by November. In fact, I’d love to hear where you think I should take the story. Send your ideas and if I use them in the sequel I’ll list your name in the acknowledgements. And I won’t even ask you to say an Our Father!

If you read The Seventh Seal and enjoyed the story, please head over to Amazon and leave me a review. Thank you.

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