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with j. thorn

Transform From Struggling Writer to Career Author


Awesome! You’ve finished a manuscript, maybe even published a book or two yourself. That’s something most people will never do. But now what?

Struggle. Doubt. Fear. Steven Pressfield labeled it “Resistance.” It’s the force keeping you from doing what you were put on Earth to do. Whether it’s social media distractions or the tsunami of online publishing advice, you’re not making progress.

You’re looking to transform from struggling writer to career author. You’re not afraid of the work, just confused about what it is you need to be doing to live the author life.

The good news? You CAN live the author life with proven systems, solid habits, and by joining a family of other like-minded, ambitious writers. You need to collaborate with kindred spirits, authors with a burning desire to do more, be more. Become part of a loving family, learn, and hold each other accountable for milestones and goals. Get advice from experts, connect and network with other serious writers, and watch your writing career blossom within an instructor-guided, professional forum that always keeps your writing on track.

Now is the time to start living the author life. It’s time for the Author Mastermind.

a mastermind DESIGNED AND taught BY J. THORN

In 2009, I joined my first mastermind and have been a member of dozens since then. Being surrounded by others with the same dream not only changed my writing and my business, it changed my life.

After spending 25 years in education and teaching thousands of students, I’ve been working for several years on the Author Mastermind. I’ve received many messages from my clients requesting this type of community, but I didn’t want to launch it until I had developed the program into something I knew would be successful for everyone who joined it.

I am completely dedicated to your success.

You’ve joined the Author Mastermind because you’ve followed my journey from struggling writer to career author—from that HUGE blunder I made in 2012 (retelling here) to the decision to leave my day job while still having a mortgage, car payments, a wife, and two children. I’ve been there, and I can steer you around the most common and painful pitfalls. I’ll prove my dedication to your success in our weekly meetings, in our private Slack group, and at our live events.

deadline - november 24, 2019


Only $499 a month!

Are you ready for success? Click the button to fill out the application. I’ll ask you questions about your author platform—what it looks like now and how you want it to look when you’re living the author life.

The Author Mastermind isn’t for everyone. I won’t send you an invitation if I don’t think I can help you transform from struggling writer to career author.

This group is limited to 12 writers. I promise that you’ll receive individualized attention and get to know the other members of this new family.

If you’re chosen to join the Author Mastermind, I’ll send you more information and answer any additional questions you might have before you commit.


To live the author life, you need to get deliberate and guided practice with immediate feedback. The Author Mastermind Group will help get you unstuck and on the path to success.

You’ll join the family and explore many topics so that you can avoid common and costly mistakes.

Here are some of the topics:


  • Mastering the best story methodologies
  • Analyzing writing and optimizing communication skills
  • Developing habits to ensure success


  • Optimizing an author platform
  • Growing and serving a fan base
  • Self-publishing a best-selling book in a genre
  • Starting and executing a lucrative content marketing plan
  • Mastering social media platforms and retail marketplaces

Systems and Time Management

  • Building and nurturing healthy habits
  • Developing lean systems to get things done
  • Optimizing tasks to free up family time
  • Utilizing technology to manage a growing business

join the family

Included in the Author Mastermind

Private Slack Community

An exclusive online community to foster collaboration and shared problem-solving.

Small Group Interaction

Only 12 seats, designed to meet the needs of each individual.

Six Month Program

Comprehensive and intense program with no long term commitment.

Weekly Accountability

Weekly video calls on Zoom complete with structured conversations and homework.

Guided Practice

Consistent and personalized feedback to accelerate your learning.

“Locked-In” Pricing

Keep your price locked in for as long as you remain in the mastermind.

Two-Day Retreat

An annual gathering with workshops and inspirational activities.*

*Airfare, meals, and accommodations not included.


the author mastermind is an incredible opportunity for authors in all phases of their career.

J. provides undivided attention and detailed feedback about craft to each author, pointing out their strengths and areas of growth, as well as poignant tips and strategies about marketing, mind-set, and many other pivotal factors that lead to author success. Most importantly, the program inspires helpful, engaging relationships and community with other authors that will last well beyond the meetings.


J.'s mastermind has been a great experience.

I've been able to share with and learn from authors at different stages of their careers. I appreciate how J. respects all the members, their writing style and interests, and has real insight into how to live a successful author life.


J.'s methods and his support, and the group I became part of, are the reason I continue to grow.

My year with J. Thorn and the Author Mastermind group has pushed me beyond the limitations I had set for myself.


A Mastermind group can be a force multiplier for an author.

J. Thorn’s Author Mastermind is a perfect example of a mastermind group that not only helps authors improve their craft but also to learn from other authors about how to manage all the aspects of the business side of writing. If you crave a safe environment to grow as an author, I would strongly encourage you to enroll in this mastermind group.



J.'s Author Mastermind group has been a great program to help me improve my craft, strengthen my business, and socialize with other career-minded authors.



The Author Mastermind Group is an awesome way to raise your author career to the next level. There's just enough structure to keep things moving, but more than enough flexibility for the discussion to cover subjects important to you, whether craft or business. I learned a lot from J., but was surprised that I learned as much from the other mastermind members.


Hands down, this has been the steepest incline in improvement I've experienced in the last ten years.

I've been in J.'s mastermind for less than 3 months. I'm a stronger writer, and have a much more disciplined writing life than I did before the course.

"when we teach, we learn."
- Seneca

"people like us do things like this."
- Seth godin

You can find dozens of online classes, webinars, and books about becoming a career author. I’ve purchased them over the years, and some are fantastic. However, some are not, and very few provide the individualized, customized attention of an instructor-led writers’ community and interaction with other writers.

Join a group whose goals and dreams are like yours.

Is the Author Mastermind right for you?

  • You are sick and tired of constantly working without making progress.
  • You are open to change and value the opinion of someone who has walked the path before you.
  • You believe writing is your life purpose, and understand that an investment in training and professional networks are essential for you to level up your career.
  • You have a growth mindset. You can learn how to do anything.
  • You reject “hacks” and shortcuts that sacrifice long-term stability for short-term success.
  • You're tired of the endless webinars and glut of online courses. You want something different and more meaningful.
  • You possess a strong work ethic and are not afraid to roll up your sleeves up and get down to business.
  • You want to be a shining example to your children, family, and friends, by showing them what it looks like to live life to the fullest.

Here’s what you will need when you join:

  • You have saved or routinely earn money that you put back into your author business. You understand that every business requires an investment of time and money.
  • You have a fundamental understanding of how to write properly, including proper grammar and punctuation. You care about the quality of your words and strive to make them the best they can be whether they're in a novel manuscript or email communication.
  • You are self-motivated and organized. You honor deadlines and can juggle a few responsibilities at a time.
  • You are comfortable giving and receiving feedback. You understand that your honesty and vulnerability is a gift to yourself and to others, and you live with integrity.

4% of Proceeds loaned to kiva

"More than 1.7 billion people around the world are unbanked and can’t access the financial services they need. Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 in San Francisco, with a mission to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive."

4% of proceeds from the Author Mastermind will be loaned to Kiva.

about j. thorn

Yes, I’m the “Authors on a Train” guy, but I started my publishing journey back in 2009. I had a dream of supporting my wife and two kids by selling words, but I came up a bit short in that first year, earning a royalty check for $19.26. But since then, I’ve slowly built an author platform that allowed me to walk away from my day job in 2017—from struggling writer to career author.

Over the past few years, I’ve discovered the power of collaboration and how a small group of people with a shared vision can accomplish anything.

I’ve been lucky to collaborate with so many incredible writers over the years, learning from them and implementing their advice to become better at what I do. From co-written novels to the “Authors on a Train” trips, to the “Night of the Writing Dead” and “Rock Apocalypse” retreats, I’ve grown to understand the power of keeping a tight group of friends and mentors. Now I want to do that for you.

Joanna Penn & J. Thorn in New Orleans

You can find out more about me here. I have published millions of words, sold hundreds of thousands of books worldwide, taught at several universities, hosted or co-hosted a number of podcasts, and earned Story Grid editor certification.

I live the author life. And you can too.


The Author Mastermind is limited to 12 members. This guarantees that you’ll get personalized attention from me and that you’ll get to know everyone.

To be eligible, you must complete an application that will help me determine if this mastermind can help you achieve your goals and if you’ll be a good fit for the family. I won’t be able to accept everyone who applies.

If you’re selected, I’ll contact you with more information.

Only $499 a month!