Let’s talk. Call me at 216.245.8476 and I’ll call you back. Seriously.

The number is 216.245.8476, or if you appreciate creativity on the dial pad, 216.24J.THRN.

Seriously, that’s my phone number. Call and leave me a voicemail with your name and number and I promise to call you back. Did a scene in one of my books trouble you? Call me. Did you love one of my novels and want to shower me with praise? Call me. Do you want advice on writing or publishing your own book? Call me. Do you want to order a large pepperoni with mushrooms and cheese? Can’t help you there.

When I shared this idea with some of my friends it confirmed their hunch that there is something really wrong with me. Some of them think I’m insane. They can’t understand why I would want to talk to total strangers, let alone give out my number on the internet. I am insane. But that aside, I’ve always gone against the grain. I mean, you’ve read my other blog posts, right? In an increasingly faceless world where people can hide behind a keyboard and spew hate, or where “collecting followers” is a game, an element of humanity is becoming lost. I am very active on social media and enjoy using it. However, I’m more interested in aligning with the RIGHT people instead of the MOST people.

Why do I get up in the morning? Because I believe in giving. I believe in making the lives of others better. I do this by creating art that makes life more enjoyable, rejuvenates the spirit, and connects us through universal human experiences. And I happen to tell great stories. Wanna try one?

So about my phone number…Leave me a message along with a good time to call you back and I will call you back, I promise. I love heavy metal, hockey, horror & dark fantasy, and long walks on a post-apocalyptic beach filled with zombie parts. Of course we can still be Facebook friends, sharing cat memes. But maybe we can inspire each other with something more meaningful than a re-tweet.  Let’s help each other out instead of tearing one another down. Back in the day, before Facebook, I believe they called that “friendship”.

I look forward to your call.

Note: I’d like to give credit to Dan Blank at WeGrowMedia. He was the first person that I discovered in the publishing industry to make his phone number available to anyone that wants to call. He is a master at platform-building and if you’re an author, you need to check out his stuff. I’d also like to thank Simon Sinek for starting me with why.

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