I grew up in the Rustbelt, that cold, barren, industrial corridor of North America responsible for heavy manufacturing, heavy music, and hardy women. Cities like Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland remain, still sporting their blackened smokestacks like proud scars of the Industrial Revolution. But there’s more to this story. After spending years in other parts of the country including the NYC metro area and the Deep South, I’ve settled in the Rustbelt, in Cleveland, Ohio. The perception of this city is one of the eternal loser, the lumpy prom date that gets stood up, goes stag, and pukes in her hair. The reality, however, is that there is a shitload of talent here that you’ll never see on mainstream media. Getting shat upon by Art Modell or LeBron James is an easier story to tell.

It’s time to Kickass, Kleveland. Time to puff out your chest and let’em know what we’re about. As the old t-shirt reads, “Cleveland, You Gotta be Tough”. There is a wealth of talent in this city and I’m on a mission to expose you to it, rub your face in it, if necessary. Join me as I talk with the best and brilliant folks you’ve never met. The first to be featured include Erin Lung, tattoo artist for Rebel City Tattoo, WJCU DJ and “Metal on Metal” icon Bill Peters, WKYC’s  and Signal 30’s front man, Pat Butler, Magadh, co-founder of the underground music blog athousandtrivs.com, and even Lake Erie. That’s right, bitches. I’ve got an exclusive interview with the Lake itself.

Sometimes serious. Frequently offensive. Always interesting.

If you know of a person that should be featured in Kickass Kleveland, get in touch. First segment coming in a month or so with more to follow. Let’s ride.

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