Holy Sh*t

My writing career changed forever on March 14th.  This post explains why and what it could mean for other independent authors.  And if you like to read books, this affects you too.  It is concrete proof that legacy publishers are going the way of major record labels.  There are many indie authors that sell WAY more books than I do that are saying the same thing.  The message isn’t new.  My point here is that you can do this too.  This is not a “get rich quick scheme”.  You’re not going to get J.K. Rowling money just because you can upload a Word document to Amazon.  But there is plenty of the pie to go around if you approach it as a marathon and not a sprint.  And if you write good stories.

I found Carolyn McCray and the Indie Book Collective and entered The Seventh Seal as part of their FreePar-Tay Lucky Day promotion.  Over two dozen indie authors across genres locked arms and made certain books free from March 14th to March 18th.  We cross-promoted using Carolyn’s crafty matrix of titles that complimented each other and blasted our way into the Top 100 Amazon Free Bestsellers.  The FreePar-Tay books (the name of the promo run by the Indie Book Collective) took many #1 spots on the genre lists (The Seventh Seal held three of those #1 spots for the majority of the five days – Action/Adventure, Fantasy, & Contemporary Fantasy).  At one point, there were at least six of our books in the Top 10 Amazon Free Bestsellers List for ALL of “fiction”.  Even before entering the promotion, a one-hour webinar led by Carolyn provided me with advice that pushed my paid ranking on Amazon from around 500,000 to 25,000.  That means I went from about zero sales/month to 30 in two days.  McCray knew what she was doing.

Divulging exact sales numbers feels a bit like kissing and telling, but I can tell you that The Seventh Seal was downloaded thousands of times over the 5 days it was offered for free.  Yes, I know only 0.2% of those digital hoarders will read my book.  And yes, I know the free list rankings don’t transfer to the paid list rankings.  But the cumulative power of our collective reverberated throughout the customer recommendation queues and has kick started my career.  The book is climbing towards the Amazon Best Sellers Top 100 Paid list (currently at #350) and has broken into the first page (top 20) of the Top 100 Paid list for both Contemporary Fantasy and Action/Adventure.

Gotta get back to my stories…

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