Holy Sh*t! Ohio is #1 state for profanity! We also have a hidden gem: Cleveland. Happy Labor Day.

In honor of Labor Day, I’ve decided to do no labor. Today’s post is an excerpt and link to an incredibly enthusiastic description of my home, Cleveland, Ohio. “The American Grandeur of Cleveland” by Sally Fay of the Huffington Post details her experience on a recent visit. As long as you don’t enjoy celebrating professional sports championships, this city could be for you. And Ohio ranks #1 in the entire country for states where people use the most profanity, so we have that as well, goddamnit.

The dog ate my Blogger account yesterday, but next week I promise I’ll have a “What I Did on Summer Vacation” post up along with some quality pictures. Also in September I’ll be entering the Mad Season, taking a closer look at the BookTrack.com launch, and posting several more interviews with insanely talented and quirky folks.

Happy Labor Day and enjoy a virtual jaunt through Cleveland, Ohio!

“On a recent visit to Cleveland, I found myself so taken by the deep American history and cultural sophistication of this delightful mid-western city that sits on Lake Erie. You can see the past in the historic buildings that speak to another era and then turn a corner to find a sleek structure singing to the future. Cleveland has a character that appreciates its past while embracing the renewal of the future. In 2013, the city has a different kind of American grandeur than it did in its industrial heyday of the early 20th century, but rather than get stuck in the past and not learn the lessons from it, Cleveland has aged well into a modern, global and down-to-earth city. There are many reasons to visit Cleveland, enough to swing the vote right into moving there!”

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