Holiday Giveaway 2013 – Free Amazon Gift Cards & more!

I love you all! […in my best Ozzy voice]

I want to show my appreciation to you for helping me live my dream. This also happens to be the 100th post on the blog and that alone feels like a celebration. I’ve discovered some of the numbers that make me feel as though I’m on the right track–that I’m doing what I’ve been put here to do. Recently, the blog passed 35,000 unique page views and earlier this year my Amazon book sales broke the 5-digit mark (To put that into context, in late 2011 my sales figures broke the 2-digit mark and I was thrilled about that, too.) Also in 2013, I crashed Amazon’s Most Popular Authors list for Horror (#26) and Fantasy (#96); this rank is determined by sales, and sales only. Threefold Law (my band) seems to have new momentum and we’re getting recognition from people and places that matter to us.

So without getting too sappy and ruining my reputation as a bad-ass cynic, I want to thank you all for supporting my craft. Don’t get me wrong–I would still write and scream into a microphone no matter what, but it’s really nice to have people validating my creative energy with their wallet. Awards and contests are fun, but the only true feedback mechanism for me is hard-working people who value my work enough to buy it. I will always be humbled by that and will never take it for granted.

In celebration, I’m giving away lots of stuff for nothing. No hoops to jump through. Everyone and anyone can enter and winners will be picked at random through Rafflecopter. Whether you’ve read all of my books or none of them, you can still win. The details and entry form are below, and the contest also has its own page: Holiday Giveaway 2013, on the top right of my blog’s navigation bar. It’s open through Christmas Day.

Now lemme see your hands, people! [Sorry. It’s hard to quit that Ozzy thing once you start.]

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