Halloween Haunts 2013: A Giveaway Included!

In celebration of the month of October, the Horror Writers Association is hosting its annual Halloween Haunts promotion. They have invited me to guest post on the blog. An excerpt from that post including a link to the entire article is below.

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Fans of horror and dark fantasy love Halloween. There’s a reason people watch frightening films or walk through “haunted houses” to be terrorized by college students dressed as zombies: There is something incredibly exciting and entertaining about being scared. Not “being chased by a crazy man with a knife” type of scared, but rather, the kind of fear that you know is artificial but COULD be real. Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft are often cited influences of many authors and that is true for me as well. However, the biggest name in the history of horror is not lost on anyone.

Stephen King inspired me to begin writing fiction, turning my juvenile fascination with horror into a lifelong passion. My parents are both staunch Catholics and therefore we did not watch a lot of scary movies or read frightening books. To this day, I know my mom still thinks that AC/DC stands for “Anti-Christ Devil Children”, which it probably does. Not by coincidence, the movie and book that confirmed my affinity for dark horror came from the nightmares of Stephen King. Pet Sematary was the first book that made me fearful of a dark room. I remember reading it at age eleven and thinking that Gage was hiding in the corner. The storytelling was masterful and reanimation is a timeless theme of literary horror.

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Haunts 2013: A Giveaway Included!”

  1. Well I know I already commented on the original post but I will re-iterate, ‘nothing terrifies like the human psyche’ petrifies me, lol. Makes me wonder how you went from scared to death to writing scary. 🙂

  2. Pet Semetary was my first Stephen King book and had remained my favorite Stephen King book throughout the years.

    I was thinking the whole time I was reading it, what an awesome movie it would make! But when the movie actually came out, it sucked! (Compared to the book) Oh well lol

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