Free novel + 100 reviews = free novel

On January 8th 2013, almost a year to the day, Yvan SCHEITLE wrote this 1-star review on Amazon for Reversion: The Inevitable Horror (The Portal Arcane Series – Book I):

“I normally don’t write reviews on my readings, but this book was such an horror that I felt I HAD to warn future readers. I had to force myself to read until the end so boring and annoying it was (cause you know, you always have that weird hope that the last pages are going to explain it all and make some sense out of the first couple of hundred ones). The writing is OK, but the Story… OMG. I don’t understand how it is possible every single other comment is with 5 stars when you still have no bloody clue what this book is about after having read the last page. Come on, the guy could be dreaming, he could be the guinea pig of some sort of experiment, or basically ANYTHING any reader’s imagination could come up with. The world he lands in answers no rules, the wolves are telepaths, you meet an undead guy that is actually a “good guy” so to speak… All in all a mess that definitely set my mind : I’ll never ever buy another book of this series (might not even give a second chance to the author, this book having been such a bad experience).”

She was right. I was too vague and hid too much from the reader. I did a total overhaul of this book and Rebecca T. Dickson helped me dish out EVERYTHING about the story and the characters. I laid it bare, naked and waiting for you to feast your eyes on the improved story.

Last week I made a deal with the multiverse. Here is my attempt at being cute with it. I hope you’ll give me full credit for redoing the assignment.


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  1. I love this series…The Portal Arcane Series. Ive read both books so far and cant wait to read the 3rd and final one..I Kill People. Not sure when its to be published except this year.

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