Don’t Ask Why Because it Doesn’t Matter

Like many of us, I am still numb from the massacre in Colorado. I woke up today with a screaming headache to more suffocating humidity on the 18th 90+ day here in Cleveland (our average is 9) and immediately cursed myself because at least I can still play cards with my six year old daughter. There’s a family in Aurora that will never get that opportunity again. The endless newscasts and major media bobbleheads are full-on into the “how could this happen” or “why did this happen” mode which usually results in endless hours of speculation with little more information than was reported in the first hour after the tragedy. I try not to become too angry with the coverage as it wouldn’t exist if we didn’t watch it. However, the Chardon shooting is too fresh and I simply can’t tolerate the exploitation of the victims through their “personal stories” reported by the anchors. My heart goes out to those families and I hope they find the peace of mind to keep going.

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