Dickens (nice name)

Killer beard, I’ll give him that.

This past week I became embroiled in a deadly chart-ranking feud with one, Charles Dickens.  Allow me to introduce the combatants.  I had The Arrival (Burden of Conquest Book I) on the Kindle Best Seller Top 100 Free list during the recent IBC promotion.  Other works of mine including Preta’s Realm and The Seventh Seal have been consistently ranking in the Top 100 Kindle Best Seller Paid genre lists.  My thumb is double-jointed and I once took third place in a 4th grade 50 yard dash competition against two of my classmates.  Dickens wrote a long time ago and then died.

All week it was neck and neck.  The Arrival would leap ahead, and then Dickens’ story about cities would nudge up.  Then his crusty tome would slip and mine would surge.  Back and forth, front to back, side to side.  My book held its own against his but could not take the day.  But before I get to that, let me share with you what some Amazon reviewers said about Chucky’s book:

“This has to be one of the worst books we’ve ever read.”

“If you hated Old Man and the Sea, you too will hate this.”

“A boring, wordy book with an unexciting, weak, predictable plot.”

“Some of the key characters were not sufficiently developed, so the ending lost some of its impact. B-O-R-I-N-G.”

Need I say more?

Down to the wire…

But alas, Chucky D’s old, crusty, book (written in 1859 so you KNOW it sucks) dripping with 36 one-star reviews, edged out The Arrival towards the end of the promo run.  I need to be dignified and gracious about this, so here it goes:

I am suspending my bid for the ranking above Dickens…at least until the next promotion.  Don’t even get me started on Carroll.

4-star average? Whatever.

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