Devil Baby Attack!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’ve probably heard about Devil Baby Attack. Devil’s Due opened this weekend and the crew’s prank on unsuspecting New Yorkers went viral with over 35 million YouTube views and counting. They built an animatronic devil baby in a remote-control carriage and set it loose in Manhattan complete with red eyes, a satanic growl and projectile vomit. It is juvenile, gross and irresistibly funny. And that brings me to another question.

If the prank was meant to promote a found footage horror movie, did it work?

The folks at Variety believe it gave the movie a nice bump based on metrics taken from the big social media platforms. As of January 17th, the Devil’s Due trailer was viewed 15 million more times than Ride Along and almost 29 million more times than Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Eh. That doesn’t necessarily translate into box office sales but it does generate a buzz and that’s why mega corps use social media. They’re not aiming to promote on social media, they’re using it to generate buzz via word of mouth which is much more effective promotion. Projections put Devil’s Due at around 11.4 million in the first weekend but we’ll have to wait for the hard numbers.

I write horror, I know. But I’m not blogging about Ride Along or Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, am I? In fact, I didn’t even watch the movie trailers for those other movies because movie trailers are like movie theater popcorn. You get a ton before the movie and no matter what you’re always hungry for more.

For the record, I love anything that promotes horror and I love hidden video of people getting the shit scared out of them. As long as it isn’t me.

Excuse me. I need to watch Devil Baby Attack just one more time.

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