Creating characters who aren’t like you is key to making your story world feel real and lived in. Our world would be a boring place if every person was exactly the same. As such, so can the worlds in your books if all your characters are. It’s natural for us to write about our own experiences and worldviews but in order to tell an engaging story that resonates, you have to be able to see through the eyes of others in order to build real characters with broader viewpoints.

The Career Author Podcast is a podcast where co-authors J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon share their struggles and successes as full-time authors, advice for improving your writing craft, and honest discussions of what it takes to build a successful career as an author.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why it’s important to create characters who are different than you
  • The different types of characters you should consider writing
  • How to determine what kind of personality you have
  • What kinds of questions to ask real people who possess the traits you want to write

Also, learn about how you can unclutter both your closet and your life with Project 333.

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