Change My Frame

UPDATE 03-05-20 – Unfortunately we did not reach the minimum number for me to place the wristband order so I won’t be sending them out. The concept just didn’t connect, I guess. Maybe I’ll try again another time.

TAKE ACTION TODAY – Supplies limited!

Let’s be honest. Our problems are real, and trying to pretend they aren’t is delusional. But changing our frame and looking at obstacles with a new or different perspective is empowering.

Get your free CHANGE MY FRAME wristband and start right now. Little changes turn into big results.

Here’s how it works: I send you a free CHANGE MY FRAME wristband (U.S. residents only). You agree to wear it for 30 days. Keep it on the wrist of your dominant hand, that position representing the preferred “positive” position. When you encounter an obstacle or a problem, move the wristband to the wrist on your non-dominant hand, which represents the “negative” position. Allow yourself the time and space to feel the discomfort of your problem. This isn’t about pretending it’s not real. But once you’ve mentally gotten past the problem, move the wristband back to the wrist on your dominant hand—CHANGE YOUR FRAME. Your goal is to begin and end each day looking at CHANGE MY FRAME on the wrist of your dominant hand. In a journal, sticky note, or on your phone, keep a tally of how many days you end with the wristband in the positive position. Do you have a streak? How many days in a row did you end on the positive wrist?

If you live outside of the United States or don’t want me to send you a wristband, use a hair wrap, a rubber band, or a piece of string. You don’t need an official CHANGE MY FRAME wristband to change your frame.

At the end of 30 days, you’ll send me a quick email with your positive day tally and streak, as well as how you feel about yourself after changing your frame. A month of deliberate practice isn’t going to radically change your life, but that simple, daily gesture will get you going in the right direction.