Can a zombie?

Portal Arcane 3Corrosion: Terminal Horizon (The Portal Arcane Series – Book III) is going to be unleashed upon the world soon. I’m so excited about this book that I can barely sleep. It’s the third and final title in The Portal Arcane series and definitely the best of the three. Seriously, this is the best stuff I’ve ever written. But there will be more on that in the coming weeks…

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You’ll still get updates on what I’m doing but you’ll get more than that. For example, I have a fun game I play with my friends. The idea came from our love of The Walking Dead. It’s called, “Can a zombie?” I’ll pose the question and you can reply to me with your answer (if you want to). If you have your own “Can a zombie?” question, send it to me and I might feature you in an upcoming email.

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6 thoughts on “Can a zombie?”

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Matt! An honest review on Amazon is always appreciated…

      My editor is doing final revisions on book three so I hope to have it out sometime in June. If you sign up for my newsletter (top right corner or bottom of the page) you’ll get book 3 for free and before it goes on sale to the general public.

      1. Just so you know, I’m getting the same error with multiple browsers and OSs trying to subscribe:

        “A system error occurred while processing your request.”

        All the best,


        ps – a free book? appreciated but you deserve the income from such fine work (and should charge more!). If I enjoy it I will buy it anyway; quid pro quo..

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