I’ve deleted and rewritten this post 14 times. I’m going to keep this version simply because I have to write something. This is going to piss off some people. So be it. I’m not trying to be edgy or controversial. I’m trying to make sense of the tragedy, like everyone else.

Some have lashed out in anger, placing blame. I can’t because we’re all to blame. We gorge ourselves on violence and then recoil in horror at the results.

Some have called upon their faith. I can’t because I have none. I no longer pray to a god that “works in mysterious ways” or incorporates the slaughter of five year old children in “His plan”. Pray if you like. It certainly can’t hurt.

I’m going to hug my kids and tell them I love them. And then I’m going to remind myself each and every day that everyone I meet is someone’s kid. It’s really all I can do.

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