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I have known Mr. Knight for years and I can say that he is constantly working hard at his craft.  Whether it’s the thousands that visit the New Author blog or the dark legions of fans he’s garnered with his newest, Born of Blood, Mr. Knight delivers.  I invited him to stop by on his latest blog tour and he suggested we talk about the Born of Blood book trailer.  Along with Curtis Luck (also in Threefold Law), I accepted Knight’s challenge to come up with dark, tasty riffs for his trailer.  Curtis and I had a blast.  We used a down-tuned SG along with some wicked effects to create the atmospheric sounds you hear in this trailer.  Based on the comments Knight is getting, I think we hit the mark.  Take a moment to read the post and click on the link to SB Knight’s newest release on MuseItUp Publishing, Born of Blood.

The following was written by SB Knight.

The task of making a book trailer is tedious, time consuming, frustrating, and a great deal of fun. What does it take to construct a trailer that grabs the attention of viewers, conveys a message in a short period of time and entertains the possible readers? I thought about all these aspects while making the official book trailer for my debut novel, Born of Blood and narrowed it down to three things: emotion, visual, and mental stimulation.

The plan was to convey the overall plot of the story in a way that played out like a movie. In a movie you see the story unfold, you hear what the characters are saying and you feel what is happening or going to happen with the music. For this trailer I decided to show some of the characters and important objects with images because as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Want an example? What screams innocence more than the picture of a baby? Okay, maybe a picture of a puppy or kitten but a baby is in the story so it fits better. Instead of listening to the characters talk as in a movie, your mind is stimulated through the use of text and sentences that shares the story but not give it away. The images and the text combine to present Born of Blood in an attractive, informative, and entertaining way.

With the text in place and the images set, the trailer is still missing a key element. It needs something to pull it all together and deliver the desired feel of the story. To achieve the emotion of dread and feel of fear the proper music must be used. You can download music for free or get permission to use the music of an artist but I wanted to do something a little different for this trailer. I wanted unique music, something never before heard. To do that, I reached out to a good friend of mine, J. Thorn, and his band. Thankfully they agreed to compose some music for me. They delivered two pieces of which I used both. The combination of the two was magic! You can feel the tension of fear and dread build as you move from one frame to the next. Here is just one comment received for the trailer:

“Oh WOOOWWWW!! Your trailer is … well … it’s scary! The music is seriously creepy (yep, that’s a chill traveling down my spine)! Very nicely done! The trailer gives the reader a glimpse into the storyline without, in my opinion, telling too much.”

This is what everyone wants when they build a trailer – their story felt through music, seen through images, and read through shared words.

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