Announcing Dark Arts Theater

Since December of last year, I have been in quiet pre-production on an exciting project. Dark Arts Theater is a new online program launching in the spring of this year. It will be like Entertainment Tonight but with a focus on horror novels, movies, heavy music, cool television shows and more. I’m even going to create new, exclusive content for each episode.

I plan on releasing the shows in a multimedia magazine format which means one new issue every month, each issue ranging from 40-70 minutes in length, depending on the segments. The number of issues I create in the first volume will be totally dependent on viewer feedback. If you subscribe to the YouTube channel and rate the show on iTunes that will tell me you want more and I’ll deliver.

I hope to provide high-quality entertainment occasionally, instead of mediocre content more frequently. Also, I’m writing, producing, recording and editing the show on my own which means I could never provide this kind of entertainment in a weekly format. I know this bucks the current trend and is not favorable to the YouTube algorithm but I don’t give a shit about either. I love producing and I love creating content people enjoy. That’s what I care about.

Here’s a little tease, a trailer that will also function as the show’s opening sequence.

I am so excited to get this show going but I’m not going to start releasing issues until I have the best content possible and that takes some time. This program will be like nothing else out there. If you head to the YouTube channel and subscribe right now, you’ll instantly know when the first issue is up.

Don’t be afraid of the dark. Embrace it.

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