“40 seconds? But I want it now!”

Why should kids work hard when corporate America cheats and steals its way to profits?
Why should bands write, record, and invest in their music when it’s freely given away, or best-case scenario, earning them $0 .99 a song?
Why should I go to a live concert when I can watch any performance I want on YouTube from my phone for free?

Email to Facebook to Twitter.  Face-to-face conversations to phone calls to text messages.  It’s a Long Way to the Top to the instant fame of American Idol.  What will happen when everyone gets everything they want at the instant they want it?

For your dwindling attention span and instant gratification, I offer you “Tales From a North Shore” Kindle version for free until midnight on February 3rd.  Sorry, you’re still going to need to read it yourself but you don’t have to wait 40 seconds to get it.

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