Show me yours?

I own close to 2000 compact discs. My collection is worth about, let’s see, carry the four, divide by 7…nothing.  It’s a diary of my life.  From Triumph’s Sport of Kings which was my virgin … Continue reading Show me yours?

Hit Me!

Nipple black-out; keepin’ it clean. In March of 2000, I traveled with several friends and one brother to the best party city in the world; New Orleans, Louisiana.  The seafood is spectacular, the vampires are … Continue reading Hit Me!

Dickens (nice name)

Killer beard, I’ll give him that. This past week I became embroiled in a deadly chart-ranking feud with one, Charles Dickens.  Allow me to introduce the combatants.  I had The Arrival (Burden of Conquest Book … Continue reading Dickens (nice name)